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Market Analysis
Market Research

We believe in performing an in-depth market research to understand the customer behavior and to target our products,which helps us in creating a well-defined strategy to launch the campaigns.


Creating a Movie

We start executing the campaigns on the basis of our strategy, which is exclusive for every client, to get the plan in action for start generating the results through that.


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Audience Research

We analyze the audience’s behavior and their demo-graphical and psychological factors that results in triggering their emotional touch points, and with the help of our social media strategies, we make our product a must have for them.

Analyzing the data

We analyze the performance of the campaigns on a regular intervals and keep track on it, to keep up with the strategies and make changes accordingly as per the results that we get for a better optimization.


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Campaigns Strategy

Once we analyze the market and the audience, our team of experts create a well planned campaign strategy for each level of funnel to target our audience and to start generating sales.


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Content Writing

We draft contents as per the domain related keywords in very articulated way and in a flow so that it will not only improve your social media ranking but also it will create interest among customers.



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  • Website audit to identify the key areas which need to be fixed.

  • Identify keywords  related to the specific domain by deep research.

  • On-page optimization of web page.

  • Off-page optimization of web page.


Social Media & AD Campaigns

  • Business page creation on social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Google Ads setup and continuous monitoring on regular basis.

  • Ad budget allocations and adjustment as per the unique strategy for every client. 

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Content W​riting 

  • Web Blogs.

  • Guest Blogs.

  • Power point Presentations.

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Classified Ads.

  • Content Writing.

  • Business Descriptions.


Email Marketing

  • Effective automated or standardized emails.

  • Newsletters.

  • Pushing business profiles and latest deals.

  • Creative and informative Flyers for new events.


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Your Goals & Objectives

Establishing key objectives and goals will help to influence and determine the best tactics that need to be implemented in order to achieve these goals. It also helps to influence the messaging points, and creative executions, that will need to be communicated through the media plan to motivate your target audience to take the desired action. 


Target Audience

Create custom personas of your target audience so that you can better understand who they are, what their wants and needs are as well as their motivations. Understanding who they are and their motivations will help to determine the best channels/tactics to use in our media plan to hit your target audience at various stages throughout the funnel.

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Media Budget

Having a media budget in mind will help to determine the expectations of the media plan as a whole.

A predetermined budget will also help provide direction for the tactics that can be included in the plan and cost allocations among each. You will know what tactics you can realistically afford and the tactics that are best tailored for your budget to reach your target audience.


Key Messaging Points

Knowing the key messages you want to convey to your target audience will also play a role in the media strategy development by informing and providing direction for the media tactic selection.

 Once your media plan has launched, tracking and capturing your data will help you check back to #1 to ensure you are achieving your goals and objectives! 


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Brand Core Message

Where do you stand in the industry? More importantly, what do you stand for?

To understand and improvise, we analyse:

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Market position and positioning statement.

  • Ultimate benefit you can provide to the customers.


Identify & Research Target Customers

One of the important part of Brand Building is to understand your audience well and circulate good targeted content – like blogs or ads. To get better understanding, we analyse:

  • Product reviews

  • Customer testimonials

  • Help Forums

  • Social media

  • Other platforms for customer feedback.

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Brand Awareness

We use the positioning message to create branding materials for your business. It includes:

  • A style guide

  • A content Strategy

  • A logo

  • A tagline

  • A website

To promote your business, we use:

  • Blogs

  • Videos

  • Social media posts

  • Infographics

  • Gated Content


Track Progress

Brand development plan makes a great impact on business growth.

We keep track your progress and make the right adjustments to your Brand Development plan.


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Niche Influencers

  • We will help your business by connecting it with Social influencers and bloggers.

  • We will also track the increase in number of sales that an influencer is driving to your website.


Affiliate Promotions from Multiple Sources

We test a variety of affiliate marketing strategies to see which audience responds the best and is the easiest to reach by identifying the promising sources to leverage affiliate promotions include:

  • Product review blogs

  • Email marketing

  • Webinars

  • YouTube Videos

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Host Live Webinars

Live webinars presents a great opportunity to interact with your audience and know more about them. It is also an effective technique of educating your audience about a product that you are trying to sell.


Email Marketing

We create a series of newsletters educating your subscribers about the features and benefits of the product. We also make sure your mailers aren’t overly promotional. Instead, focus on giving real value to the reader. At the end of the series, we make your sales pitch and offer the subscribers an irresistible deal on the product.